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Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours was founded by Stephen E. Ambrose, the author of the best-selling book, “Band of Brothers,” and co-executive producer and writer of the epic Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks HBO miniseries, “Band of Brothers.” Our tours are enlightening and entertaining vacations that are unparalleled in its accuracy and insight.


April 9th, 2014

Exclusive New Tour! The Revolutionary War: Historical Leadership at West Point

Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours has teamed up with Thayer Leader Development Group, a corporate leader development program grounded in principles from West Point and the Army, to offer an exclusive opportunity to study The Revolutionary War and historical leadership at West Point with two world-class military historians, Colonel Jim Johnson, Ph.D. (U.S. Army Ret.) and Colonel Kevin Farrell, Ph.D. (U.S. Army Ret.). From your base camp at the historic Thayer Hotel overlooking the Hudson River, for four days you will explore the historic sites of the Hudson River Valley, while these scholar warriors provide an in depth examination of The Revolutionary War.

This type of Revolutionary War experience has never been offered before, so this is a rare experience. The caliber of historians, accommodations and meals are truly best in their class.


Experience the history of West Point and the Hudson River Valley with two accomplished and distinguished military historians. Both Dr. Farrell and Dr. Johnson were leaders on the battlefields and Department Heads at the USMA, a presidentially-appointed position with which few are honored. They are experts in leadership, American Military History and The Revolutionary War and have worked with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to help them develop their leadership skills.

Explore West Point and historic sites throughout the Hudson Valley, one of National Geographic's "20 Must-See Places for 2013." Among the sites on our itinerary are Stony Point Battlefield State Historical Site, West Point Museum and Visitor Center, Knox Headquarters, Fort Montgomery, George Washington's Headquarters in Newburgh, and the Franklin Roosevelt Home.

Stay at the historic Thayer Hotel. This landmark has hosted presidents and international leaders throughout the decades. Many of the 151 rooms celebrate some of West Point’s most accomplished graduates by reflecting their military and business accomplishments and containing personal memorabilia that they or their families have chosen to put in the rooms to honor them. 

Dine at the Culinary Institute of America. An evening at the Culinary Institute of America is not only an extraordinary dining experience, but also a nod to our country's military past. In 1946, the college was founded as a vocational institute for returning veterans of World War II.

January 28th, 2014

Live History on a Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours WWII Anniversary Tour!

With 2014 one of the most significant years in World War II history-the 75th Anniversary of the start of WW II, the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, and the 70th Anniversary of the Warsaw Rising-this year is poised to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel on a tour with Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours.

While our Spring 70th Anniversary of D-Day Tours are sold out, you can still be part of living history and this exciting year on any of the following tours. Expect an unimpeded history study about these monumental events with no crowds; glorious weather that we often experience in the offseason; and, as always, the camaraderie of fellow travelers as you celebrate the American Spirit together.

70th Anniversary of D-Day D-Day to the Rhine Tour
September 18-September 30, 2014

Designed by the late Stephen E. Ambrose and our chief historian, Captain Ronald Drez, this tour is based on thousands of hours of interviews with veterans, study of the battlefields, and their additional research of D-Day and the battles before and after. Thanks to their experience with the terrain and history, the Stephen Ambrose Historical Tour D-Day to the Rhine tour is unmatched in its authenticity.

“For Ric and me it was the trip of a lifetime to experience the tour with our grandsons. There is not much of a greater gift than we could have ever given them. And with Judy as a surrogate mom (even though she did not have to shepherd them they felt comfortable with a “mom” with us) and your expertise it was indeed the trip of a lifetime.” Grampa Bernal

75th Anniversary of the Start of WWII; 70th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising; WWII: Poland & Germany Tour
August 30-September 13, 2014

Our tour will begin where the first shots of WWII rang out on September 1, 1939-Gdansk, Poland (also where the Solidarity movement led by Lech Walesa began its confrontation with the Communist government in the shipyards in 1980). The City of Gdansk will be holding commemorative events, honoring this auspicious day in history. We will then wind our way through Ketrzyn, the site of Hitler's Wolf's Lair before moving on to Warsaw, where the Poles fought valiantly against the Nazis for 63 days during the Warsaw Uprising. The tour continues to Krakow, Zagan and Berlin, the sites of some of the fiercest battles of the World War II.

Former travelers rave about the fascinating history surrounding this front in WWII, the beauty of these towns, the warmth of the people, and the outstanding restaurants.

The Original Band of Brothers Tour
May 2-May 16, 2014
September 12-26, 2014 (new tour date; August 29-September 12, 2014 sold out!)

Immortalized by the Stephen E. Ambrose bestseller, Band of Brothers and brought to millions more in the epic Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks HBO miniseries of the same name, the men of Easy Company were on an extraordinary journey during WWII. From D-Day to V-E Day, the paratroopers of E Company, 101st Airborne, 506th PIR participated in some of the war's most critical battles and proved to truly be a company of heroes.

Like on our 70th Anniversary D-Day Tours, guests on The Original Band of Brothers Tour will visit many of the same historic places in history, including the D-Day Museum and Southwick House, Utah Beach and Utah Beach Museum, and Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery. Our Easy Company Tour is based on the recollections of the paratroopers themselves and the extensive research of Stephen E. Ambrose and the editors of Military History Quarterly and World War II magazines. You will have an experience unparalled in its accuracy and insight.

“To tell you how great this trip was, everyone has been asking me about it, and I just grin, but no words come out. There aren’t words to tell how great it was. I look forward to making another tour with you in the future.” Keith Buchanan