Dr. Stephen E. Ambrose, America’s premier historian, authored several best-selling books, including “Band of Brothers,” co-wrote and was an executive producer on the epic HBO series “Band of Brothers,” and founded The National D-Day Museum. In 1979, his passion for teaching Americans about their nation’s heritage and her heroes motivated him to begin Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours along with his niece Dr. Edie Ambrose, her husband, Yakir Katz, and Stephen’s son, Andy Ambrose. The historical tour company was a formalization of the “D-Day to the Rhine Tour” that he began leading with his friend Peter McLean in the late 1970s when he was a professor at the University of New Orleans.


Throughout his career, Stephen E. Ambrose led many trips to the places that he wrote about, which was a natural extension of his enthusiasm for investigating history. Whether visiting Omaha Beach with D-Day veterans to pay homage to the fallen, following the path of Lewis and Clark down the Missouri River, or tromping the battlefields of the Civil War, Stephen Ambrose sought to enlighten, entertain, and educate with his tours. Today, Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours carries on his legacy, continuing to preserve and expand the carefully conceived and executed historical itineraries inspired by his life’s work.

On our WWII tours, including D-Day to the Rhine, Band of Brothers Tour, Italian Campaign, WWII: Poland and Germany, Operation Overlord, In the Footsteps of Patton, and Iwo Jima: War in the Pacific, we have brought thousands of guests, often with Veterans, to the battlefields of the Normandy beaches, Operation Market Garden, the Battle of the Bulge and others sacred sites to honor the men who fought for freedom.

As part of Stephen Ambrose’s research for his best-selling book, “Undaunted Courage,” the Ambrose family spent vacations traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail on foot, canoe and horseback. Our Corps of Discovery Expedition Tour, includes highlights of his own travels, retracing the footsteps of Lewis and Clark through Montana and Idaho.

In homage to Stephen Ambrose’s passion for the War Between the States, we offer an insightful Civil War: Key to the Confederacy Tour, which focuses on the western battlefields and the importance of the Mississippi River to the war.


Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours is fortunate to have formed an alliance with Military Historical Tours (MHT) to offer our Iwo Jima: War in the Pacific Tour, traveling as their guests. Selected by the Combat Veterans of Iwo Jima, Reunion of Honor Committee to coordinate the annual anniversary on Iwo Jima, MHT has coordinated this trip for U.S. veterans since the 50th anniversary. We look forward to continuing and strengthening our relationship with them and providing our customers with the most genuine historic tour experience.


As of 2015, Matterhorn Travel has joined the family of Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours. Matterhorn Travel is an upscale tour company that has been offering leisure and cultural tours for 48 years. We are now offering and operating their outstanding Civil War This Hallowed Ground and WWII in Europe tours. This means that in addition to a more robust portfolio of tour options, our guests will enjoy a new group of historians who are experts in their field and can relate history with the passion and knowledge you have come to expect. As always and unlike other WWII tour companies, you can expect to have a full-time historian on these tours.


Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours has extensive experience in designing and customizing private group tours for different organizations, including student and alumni groups, professional organizations, military associations, and family reunions and vacations.

  • We have arranged several military reunion tours, including specialized D-Day Tours for the 197th AAA Battalion, Rangers Battalion, Landing Craft Infantry, and 410 Bomb Group.
  • We have operated high school and college educational tours for our D-Day and Lewis & Clark Tours.
  • We have worked with universities to put together alumni tours (Princeton University – D-Day Tour; Whitman College and Baylor University – Lewis & Clark Tour; Texas A&M Traveling Aggies – Lewis & Clark and Band of Brothers Tours).

Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions



Stephen Ambrose Historical Tour’s long-standing relationships ensure that our tours moves smoothly and that you have a seamless experience. We have learned over the years to pace our tour, so that you will be able to enjoy the experience and not be exhausted.


Because we were founded by Stephen E. Ambrose, we have insider access to many places and experiences that are significant in WWII and American history and that are not offered by other tour companies. Our historical vacations are an experience unparalleled in their accuracy and VIP access, which leave our guests with memories of a lifetime.


  • Our company has taken the men of Easy Company and many other Veterans along to share their first-hand experiences. They are our friends.
  • We show movies on the bus that illuminate the history of World War II in that region.
  • We build in time to relax. There are days that we arrive early so that you can have the afternoon to shop and sightsee on your own.
  • Our Full-time Tour Escort provides a high level of service to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.
  • Our 4- and 3-Star hotels selected for their historical significance and ideal locations with all the necessary amenities.
  • Delicious group dinners are a relaxing and fun time to informally recount the day’s events and enjoy camaraderie.
  • Our expert team in the United States includes a historian and experienced logistics persons, making your vacation enjoyable from the very start.


Your entertaining and enlightening historical vacation begins with our expert team in New Orleans, who work together to make your trip a seamless experience from the very beginning. Our staff includes historian Mark Bielski, who can answer any questions you may have about the historical aspects of The Original Band of Brothers Tour.

Full-time Historians

Stephen Ambrose always said that the best way to understand history is to study the places where it was made. We are fortunate to have the most qualified historians lead our tours: Captain Ronald Drez and Chris Anderson among them. These gentlemen are leaders in their field and world-renowned authors. Their extensive research and interviews of WWII veterans on the very battlefields where they fought gives a soldier’s perspective to our tours.

Exclusive Local Guides

Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours has long-standing relationships with the very best local guides. As part of our expert team, they ensure that we can offer you exclusive opportunities to visit historic places that were crucial in WWII, something that no other Band of Brothers tour company can offer.

Experienced Tour Escorts

Our tours always has a full-time, experienced tour escort, who is available to answer your questions and take care of any special requests you may have during your journey.

Ron Drez, Chief Historian

Chief historian Ronald Drez (Captain, USMC) was Stephen Ambrose’s favorite student and his handpicked choice for tour leader. Together, the Silver Star decorated Vietnam veteran and Dr. Ambrose founded the Eisenhower Center at the University of New Orleans. Ron has authored several books, including Voices of D-Day and Twenty-five Yards of War. He also has spent years interviewing hundreds of World War II veterans and researching the very battlefields on which they fought. His passion and enthusiasm leave our guests with the memories of a lifetime. To quote a former traveler, “Ron Drez was the history professor you wanted in college, but couldn’t get because his classes were always full. His stories are fascinating.”

Chris Anderson, Historian

Chris is well versed in many aspects of American history with special expertise in the Normandy Invasion, Band of Brothers, and 101st Airborne as well as the American Revolution. As the former editor of WWII Magazine he edited and wrote about all areas of the U.S. involvement in that war. Chris was also one of the original creators of the Stephen Ambrose Band of Brothers tour and was a personal confidant of Major Dick Winters, commander of Easy Company as well as many other veterans of WWII.

Mark Bielski, Director, Historian

Mark brings a wealth of professional experience in academics, journalism and executive management to Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours, where he is involved in business development, guiding, lecturing and tour itinerary design. He received his Ph.D. in war studies at the University of Birmingham, England. His ability to relate history in an engaging way coupled with his warmth and sense of humor, make him a favorite among our guests who have traveled with him. Mark has personally designed the WWII in Poland and Germany, D-Day to Berlin and The Civil War Eastern Theatre tours. The privileges and pleasures of Mark’s work are having the opportunity to interview and travel with numerous veterans and their families from WWII, the Korean conflict, and Viet Nam.

Yakir Katz, President

Yakir’s passion for history began as a student at the University of New Orleans in the 1980s where he met Professor Stephen E. Ambrose. He viewed Dr. Ambrose as a mentor and friend. Together they designed and planned the itineraries for Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours over the course of two decades. Under Yakir’s leadership, the company has continued to carry on Dr. Ambrose’s legacy. His youth on a kibbutz in Israel, experience as an IDF paratrooper, and extensive travel in the U.S. and Europe have given Yakir a keen understanding of international cultures, travel, and the military. He has applied this experience and knowledge to help earn Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours the reputation for the highest quality historical and military tours in the United States and Europe. He lives in New Orleans with his wife, Edie Ambrose, a history professor and Dr. Ambrose’s niece, and two daughters, one of whom he hopes will carry on his love for historical travel that he shared with Dr. Ambrose.

Terri Sercovich, Reservations and Customer Service

Terri has traveled on the Civil War Tour, giving her a guest’s eye view of the Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours experience. Her insights combined with her skills of managing and interviewing people when she was the editor of a newspaper, have been priceless for her work in Reservations and Customer Service. She prides herself on doing whatever it takes to assist guests with their questions and special requests.

Olga Degtjarewsky, Operations

Having studied abroad in Florence, lived in Thailand, and gallivanted through Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and Greece, travel is second nature to Olga. So it was only natural that when she decided to settle down in New Orleans to be part of its rebirth post-Katrina, that Olga would accept a position with Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours. While her degree may be in Art History, it is history that she has fallen in love with since joining the company. Olga handles all of the logistics for the tours, making each one a seamless experience for our guests.

Edie Ambrose, Historian

Edie Ambrose, Stephen Ambrose’s niece, served as his teaching assistant at the University of New Orleans. She received her Ph.D. in history at Tulane University and helped her uncle with the formation and development of Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours. Edie is a regular consultant to our team of historians and is instrumental in designing new tours to offer to our guests as well as in creating deeper historical perspectives for our existing tours. She currently teaches American History and Western Civilization at Southeastern Louisiana University.