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3 Outstanding Civil War Tours to Take in 2024

From Gettysburg in the North to the battlefields along the Mississippi to the wars that raged in the South, we are offering three outstanding Civil War tours in 2024 that will give you a panorama of the major events that began and ended the Civil War.

Civil War: Mississippi River Campaign Tour

Civil War StatueDiscover the complexities of the Civil War and the South on this outstanding tour! The Mississippi River was the major interstate highway of the nineteenth century America. It was also the strategic focal point of the Civil War. Whoever held the great river would control the continent. Without it, neither side could supply itself, so both the Confederates and the Federals made it a key aspect of overall strategy. 

You will visit the sites and battlefields fought along the Mississippi River, including Memphis, Shiloh, Vicksburg, Port Hudson and New Orleans, in a trip designed to reconstruct the struggle for the river and the key transport routes of the Confederacy.

“Good mixture of battlefields and museums. Quirky lunch stops were a fun surprise.” – Will Finigan

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Civil War: This Hallowed Ground Tour

Civil War CannonsThis Hallowed Ground is one of our most memorable tours. It gives you a panorama of the major events that began and ended the Civil War, starting with First Manassas, culminating with Gettysburg and breathing the air of finality at Appomattox. You will learn from, and be inspired by, the skill, the courage, and the endurance displayed by the generation that brought us through the Civil War.

You will retrace the battles of Manassas, Gettysburg, Appomattox, Harpers Ferry, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania, and Wilderness. We also offer an outstanding Stonewall Jackson and Shenandoah Valley pre-tour.

“If you want to understand how our nation became one from many, this tour is for you.” – Thomas Sutton

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Civil War: War on the Rivers, Rails & Mountains

Civil War cannon at ChickamaugaIn the Western Theatre of the American Civil War, over 200 miles of the Western & Atlantic RR pierced the South like a dagger, plunging into the Confederate heartland of Tennessee and Georgia. After the fall of Nashville in February 1862, the Union converted Tennessee’s capital city into a huge supply depot. Then, using Nashville as a base, Federal armies probed deeper into the South, following the rails over the magnificent and challenging landscape from Nashville, through Chattanooga, to Atlanta. The mountains and rivers over which the rails ran soon became crucial battlegrounds for control of the deep South.

This touring adventure which winds from Atlanta to Lookout Mountain to Stone’s River and Nashville, will study the military campaigns and strategy of both sides, while delving into the minds of the leaders who were willing to sacrifice their lives and property for their countries.

“I loved everything about this tour. Perhaps a highlight for me was being at the top of Lookout Mountain on a misty morning imagining how it would have been with the two armies clashing at the ‘Battle above the Clouds’.” – Christine Strachan

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