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CAF D-Day Aircraft to Reenact Channel Crossing on 75th Anniversary of D-Day

The Commemorative Air Force will bring two veteran D-Day aircraft, the famed C-47 That’s All, Brother and the C-53 D-Day Doll, to reenact that original channel crossing and paratrooper jump into Normandy on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, recalling the sacrifice made by so many in the fight for freedom.

D-Day Veteran Tribute: Bob Slaughter

As the 75th Anniversary of D-Day approaches, from time to time we will be paying tribute to some of the citizen soldiers who fought in WWII. Today, we’d like to honor John Robert “Bob” Slaughter, who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day and was instrumental in founding the National D-Day Memorial.

History Happenings Winter: Civil War, WWII, Russian Revolution

This month’s History Happenings takes place during winter. We cover historical events from the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century to 1940, when all of Europe was in a deep freeze to rival the recent polar vortex. The Civil War was brewing as the states of the Deep South seceded to form the Confederacy in 1861, and the last battle of the War of 1812 took place right downriver from the city of New Orleans.

National D-Day Memorial: Educating the Next Generation

We believe that there is nothing more important than educating the next generation about the Greatest Generation. As our Director, Mark Bielski, said about why he started his History with Mark Bielski Podcast, “We know that learning from our past ensures a better future.” So, we are delighted today to share information about the many wonderful educational programs that John Long, the Director of Education at the National D-Day Memorial, has developed for students visiting the memorial.

Honoring the 80th Anniversary of the Start of WWII

Eighty years to the month of the start of WWII, Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours is excited to offer a special WWII Poland and Germany: 80th Anniversary of WWII Tour. This momentous occasion has our Director, Mark Bielski, reflecting on our first WWII in Poland and Germany Tour, which he designed and we launched on the 70th Anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War.

We’ve added a new 75th Anniversary of D-Day Tour!

June 6, 2019 marks the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. With the number of WWII veterans decreasing rapidly, attending the upcoming commemorative events in Normandy may be the last time to share their heroic experiences in the exact places that witnessed their bravery. After selling out of our 75th Anniversary of D-Day tours, we have worked diligently to add one more tour, so we can accommodate those of you who would like to be in Normandy for this hallowed occasion.

Leadership: The Essential Qualities

At the start of the New Year, many of us review personal or professional areas in which we would like to improve or expand our knowledge and capabilities. We thought that an examination of the Nine Essential Qualities of Leadership and some exemplary figures from American History may provide inspiration. On this two-part History with Mark Bielski podcast, Professor Harry Laver joins Mark to discuss the qualities of Leadership.

Historian Kevin M. Hymel’s WWII Articles Published

Historian Kevin Hymel has had several of his WWII articles published in WWII Quarterly and WWII History magazines. If you watched Band of Brothers, you probably remember episode 4, “Replacements,” where Lt. Bob Brewer, looking like Patton, was shot in the neck in the Netherlands. As the men of Easy Company rushed passed Brewer…

January Events in American History

The beginning of a new year has often seen major developments in U.S. history. To kick off the New Year on History with Mark Bielski, Mark reviews some of the key events that have happened in American History during the month of January, including the Battle of New Orleans and the Emancipation Proclamation.

Christmas During Wartime

Christmas during wartime, just as in life, shines with a different glow than that in more peaceful years. Luxuries are often non-existent and even basics are scarce but soldiers and civilians find ways to celebrate. This week on History with Mark Bielski, Mark looks at the holidays in difficult times from the crowning of William …