Founded by Stephen E. Ambrose

Stephen E. Ambrose founded Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours, but as everyone who loves history knows his legacy reaches far beyond our historical and WWII tour company. Dr. Ambrose was the author of several best-selling books, including D-Day: June 6, 1944Undaunted Courage and Band of Brothers. He was a co-executive producer of the epic HBO series Band of Brothers, which was based on his book. He founded the D-Day Museum in New Orleans, which has grown into The National WWII Museum.

Stephen Ambrose led his first tour, the D-Day to the Rhine tour, in the late 1970s with his friend Peter McLean when he was a professor at the University of New Orleans. His passion for teaching Americans about their nation’s heritage and her heroes motivated him to found Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours along with his niece Dr. Edie Ambrose, her husband, Yakir Katz, and Stephen’s son, Andy Ambrose.

Throughout his career, Stephen Ambrose led many trips to the places that he wrote about, a natural extension of his enthusiasm for investigating history. Whether visiting Omaha Beach with D-Day veterans to pay homage to the fallen, following the path of Lewis and Clark down the Missouri River, or tromping the battlefields of the Civil War, he sought to enlighten, entertain, and educate with his tours.

American-Owned, Family-Operated Company

Today, owner Dr. Edie Ambrose, who served as Stephen Ambrose’s teaching assistant at UNO, and her husband carry on his legacy, continuing to preserve and expand the carefully conceived and executed historical and WWII tours inspired by his life’s work. The knowledge that comes from Stephen Ambrose as Eisenhower’s biographer, the expert WWII speakers he could garner, and his interviews with the men who fought on D-Day and in Normandy continue to inform our historical and tours.

As it was when Dr. Ambrose was leading the D-Day to the Rhine Tour, we have only the most qualified historians lead our historical and WWII tours. Whether it is the history of WWII, the Civil War or Lewis and Clark, our historians are leaders in their field and world-renowned authors. They have personally interviewed thousands of D-Day and WWII veterans on the very battlefields where they fought, making our WWII tours unmatched in their authenticity.

Our historians also travel with the tour 24/7. You will enjoy spending evenings with them as you discuss the days events over dinner and drinks.

The Most Experienced Historical and WWII Tour Company

Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours is the product of 35 years of experience on the path of World War II and American history.

On our World War II tours – D-Day Tour, the Original Band of Brothers® Tour, Battle of the Bulge Tour, Battle of Britain Tour, Medal of Honor Tour, The Normandy CampaignThe Italian Campaign Tour, WWII: Poland and Germany Tour, Operation Overlord Tour, In the Footsteps of Patton Tour, Ghost Army of WWII Tour and Iwo Jima: War in the Pacific Tour – we have brought thousands of guests, often with veterans, to the battlefields of the Normandy beaches, Operation Market Garden, the Battle of the Bulge and others sacred sites to honor the men who fought for freedom.

Our long-standing relationships ensure our historical tours move smoothly and that you have a seamless experience. We have learned over the years to pace our tours, so that you will be able to enjoy the experience and not be exhausted.

Exclusive Experiences Not Offered By Other Companies

Because we were founded by Stephen Ambrose, we have insider access to many places and experiences that are significant in American and WWII history that are not offered by other historical, WWII, D-Day and Band of Brothers® Tour companies. Our vacations are an experience unparalleled in their historical accuracy and exclusive access.

The Vacation Of A Lifetime

  • Our company has taken the men of Easy Company and many other veterans along to share their first-hand experiences. They are our friends.
  • We show movies on the bus that illuminate the history of World War II in that region.
  • We build in time to relax. There are days that we arrive early so that you can have the afternoon to shop and sightsee on your own.
  • Our full-time tour escort provides a high level of service to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.
  • Our 4- and 3-Star hotels are selected for their historical significance and ideal locations with all the necessary amenities.
  • Our delicious group dinners are a relaxing and fun time to informally recount the day’s events and enjoy camaraderie.
  • Our expert team in the United States includes a full-time historian and experienced logistics persons, making your vacation enjoyable from the very start.
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