History Happy Hour

One of the best parts of going on a Stephen Ambrose Historical Tour is crowding into the bar at happy hour to discuss the places you have been and kibbitz over history tidbits.

Each Sunday at 4pm EDT, host historians Christopher Anderson in London and Rick Beyer in Chicago each grab a cocktail and go live to talk history (and maybe some smack) during History Happy Hour. They welcome fascinating and knowledgeable guests such as authors Andrew Roberts, Joe Balkoski, Lynne Olson, and Hampton Sides for entertaining history discussions. And you get to join the conversation as well with questions and comments.

The bar is open every Sunday at 4 PM ET on the Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours Facebook page and YouTube channel.

History Happy Hour, the spot where history is always on tap.

This Week on HHH – The Last 100 Days of WWI

Meuse-Argonne OffensiveThis week on History Happy Hour, the topic is the 100 days offensive that brought WWI to an end after four years of trench warfare.  Chris and Rick talk to military historian and defense analyst David Murphy about how British, French, American and Canadian troops were able to break the Hindenburg line and defeat the German army.  This 100-day effort included the first use of massed tanks at the Battle of Cambrai, as well as the Meuse-Argonne offensive involving more than one million American soldiers.

This Week’s Guest

Dr. David Murphy is a lecturer in military history and strategic studies at Maynooth University in Ireland. A graduate of University College, Dublin and Trinity College, Dublin, he has also lectured abroad at various institutions including the West Point Military Academy and the US Command and Staff College. He has also been a visiting fellow at Oxford He has published widely and his publications include Breaking Point of the French army: the Nivelle Offensive of 1917 (2015) and Lawrence of Arabia (2011). He is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society. In recent years, his research has focused on the First World War.  During the course of his career, he has guided tours and staff rides for many battlefields of WW1 and WW2 including the Somme, the Ypres Salient, Gallipoli, Normandy, Arnhem, Bastogne and Sicily, among others.


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History Happy Hour Reading List

Chris and Rick have put together a list of books that they and their guests have recommended or mentioned on the show. Read on!

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