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One of the best parts of going on a Stephen Ambrose Historical Tour is crowding into the bar at happy hour to discuss the places you have been and kibbitz over history tidbits.

Each Sunday at 4PM EDT, host-historians Christopher Anderson in London and Rick Beyer in Chicago each grab a cocktail and go live to talk history (and maybe some smack) during History Happy Hour. They welcome fascinating and knowledgeable guests such as authors Andrew Roberts, Joe Balkoski, Lynne Olson, and Hampton Sides for entertaining history discussions. And you get to join the conversation as well with questions and comments.

The bar is open every Sunday at 4 PM ET on the History Happy Hour Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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History Happy Hour Episode 148 – African Americans in WWII


This week on History Happy Hour:

More than one million Black men and women served in World War II. Black troops served in segregated units and performing unheralded but vital support jobs, only to be denied housing and educational opportunities during and after the war. Without their crucial contributions, the United States could not have won the war. And yet the stories of these Black veterans have long been ignored, cast aside in favor of the myth of the “Good War” fought by the “Greatest Generation.”


This week Chris and Rick welcome historian Mathew Delmont, author of the new book Half American: The Epic Story of African Americans Fighting World War II at Home and Abroad. A wide-ranging look at the African-American experience in World War II, fighting for America abroad while simultaneously fighting for their rights here at home.


Sunday at 4PM ET on History Happy Hour, where history is always on tap. 











This Week’s Guest:

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Matthew F. Delmont is a Professor of History at Dartmouth College. A Guggenheim Fellow and expert on African American history and the history of civil rights, he is the author of four books before this one: Black QuotidianWhy Busing FailedMaking Roots, and The Nicest Kids in Town. His work has also appeared in The New York TimesThe AtlanticThe Washington Post, and several academic journals, and on NPR. Delmont earned his BA from Harvard University and his MA and PhD from Brown University.













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