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One of the best parts of going on a Stephen Ambrose Historical Tour is crowding into the bar at happy hour to discuss the places you have been and kibbitz over history tidbits.

Each Sunday at 4pm EDT, host historians Christopher Anderson in London and Rick Beyer in Chicago each grab a cocktail and go live to talk history (and maybe some smack) during History Happy Hour. They welcome fascinating and knowledgeable guests such as authors Andrew Roberts, Joe Balkoski, Lynne Olson, and Hampton Sides for entertaining history discussions. And you get to join the conversation as well with questions and comments.

The bar is open every Sunday at 4 PM ET on the Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours Facebook page and YouTube channel.

History Happy Hour, the spot where history is always on tap.

This Week on HHH – Exercise Tiger (the Slapton Sands disaster) 


This week on History Happy Hour: Exercise Tiger was a large-scale dress rehearsal conducted in April 1944 to prepare for the Normandy landings. It turned into a catastrophic fiasco that cost the lives of 750 American soldiers and sailors.

Host-historians Chris Anderson and Rick Beyer explore this tragic story with naval historian Craig Symonds, author of Operation Neptune: The D-Day Landings and the Allied Invasion of Europe. What went wrong and how did it impact the D-Day landings?

Plus: Shedding light on the often overlooked naval effort required to mount the Normandy invasion, involving transports, escorts, gunfire support ships, and landing craft of every possible size and function

Sunday at 4PM ET on History Happy Hour, the spot where history is always on tap.


This Week’s Guest – Craig Symonds


Craig Symonds is a distinguished naval historian who taught for more than 30 years at the US Naval Academy and has most recently been the Ernest J. King Distinguished Professor of Maritime History US Naval War College. A former Navy officer, he is the author of many books on American naval history, including The Battle of Midway, and Operation Neptune: The D-Day Landings and the Allied Invasion of Europe. He has won numerous awards including the Samuel Elliot Morison Award for Naval Literature


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History Happy Hour Reading List

Chris and Rick have put together a list of books that they and their guests have recommended or mentioned on the show. Read on!

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