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Band of Brothers® Tour Dates Added for 2024!

Band of BrothersOur Band of Brothers® Tour has been incredibly popular with history buffs and WWII enthusiasts eager to learn about the men of Easy Company and explore the sites featured in our founder, Stephen E. Ambrose’s best-selling book, Band of Brothers, and the acclaimed HBO miniseries of the same name. In fact, all of our Band of Brothers® Tours for 2024 were sold out by August of this year.

Good news! We have had added four additional Band of Brothers® Tour dates for 2024.

  • May 10 – 24, 2024 (Toccoa extension available)
  • June 21 – July 5, 2024 (Toccoa extension available)
  • July 19 – August 2, 2024 (no extension)
  • Sept 27 – Oct 11, 2024 (Toccoa extension available)

This is the best Band of Brothers® Tour you can take. We meticulously crafted our Band of Brothers® Tour, the ORIGINAL, based on the recollections of the paratroopers themselves and the extensive research of Dr. Ambrose and the editors of Military History Quarterly and World War II magazines.

As you follow the path of Easy Company from Normandy and Bastogne to the Eagle’s Nest in Berchtesgaden, you will gain a unique and personal perspective on the events that shaped history. Along the way, you will visit key WWII sites, including the Normandy American Cemetery, Battle of the Bulge monument, and Foy and Bastogne foxholes.

Our tour historians are experts on the Band of Brothers. They have an intimate knowledge of the men who participated in some of the war’s most critical battles and proved to truly be a company of heroes. They travel with you throughout the entire tour so evenings will be spent over delicious dinners where you can recount the day’s events with your fellow travelers, as you, too, become a Band of Brothers.

We expect these these tours to fill quickly. Act fast to book your once-in-a-lifetime adventure! 

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