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Battle of the Bulge Tour: “A Truly Authentic Experience in December”

Battle of the Bulge guest in foxholeThere’s still a chance to travel with Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours this year! Join us on the Battle of the Bulge Tour, December 10 – 18, 2022.

This bucket list WWII tour covers the 101st Airborne Division’s epic eight-day defense of Bastogne. The Battle of the Bulge was one of the most epic and decisive battles of World War II. In the largest American land battle of the war, the U.S. Army stopped Hitler’s well-equipped force of a half-million Germans and his final offensive in Western Europe. The victory would affect the lives of millions. 

As you travel from Brussels to the Ardennes, Malmedy, Bastogne, Diekirch and areas that defined the fierce struggle, you’ll get a detailed view of the soldiers, many of them untested in combat, and the Germans who opposed them.

As guests George and Cheryl Holt said about the tour, “A truly authentic experience in December awaits the travelers!”

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Tour Highlights

  • Brussels: Lecture on the Ardennes Campaign and what was at stake for Axis and Allied leaders in the winter of 1944.
  • Malmedy: Cross the same spot Peiper did more than 75 years ago and follow the exact route his armored column took through Lanzerath.
  • St. Vith: Start the day with a visit to St. Vith, then travel to Wallerode and its monument to a lone American officer who villagers recall carried on his own single-handed war against the Germans for weeks.
  • Bastogne: Begin in Bastogne with a special visit to the barracks that served as Troy Middleton’s headquarters; Mardasson Memorial; retrace the 16-mile defensive perimeter around the town.
  • Bastogne: Start at the village of Mande St. Etienne, where the troopers of the 101st arrived after their breakneck drive from Reims, then travel to the fields outside of Hemroulle where, on Christmas Day, the troopers of the 327th Glider Infantry Regiment were forced to hunker down in their foxholes while enemy tanks passed directly overhead.
  • Diekirch/Luxembourg City: Visit the location of the 5th Infantry Division’s nighttime crossing of the Sauer River, National Military Museum, and American and German cemeteries.
  • Foy-Notre-Dame: See the very spot where the German’s farthest westward advance was halted

What Guests Say

“We were part of a small, post Covid tour and it was absolutely fabulous! Our leader was Chris Anderson who has been with many of the veterans previously on his tour. His personal first hand knowledge of events made this tour very special indeed. A highlight for us was being at Dick Winter’s foxhole in the Ardennes. No matter how much knowledge (or lack thereof) you have beforehand, this tour provides much more!” – George and Cheryl Holt

“You could not ask for a truer patriot then Len Fullenkamp to lead you through any of the Ambrose WW2 tours. Len is the real thing and I can guarantee that he will lead you to the place you are looking for in your journey in like.” – Mike Rueb

“Ambrose Historical Tours made this trip of a lifetime an experience that I will treasure greatly. This was a First-Class operation with an EXCELLENT driver, tour manager and tour historian. Each day’s itinerary was exciting, memorable and educational…so much so that I didn’t sleep much each night as I was still processing what I had seen that day, while looking forward to what I was going to see the next day. Simply cannot thank y’all and our tour group enough for making the Battle of the Bulge Tour my greatest adventure.” – Barry Eggleston

“The candlelight ceremony at the Luxembourg U.S. Army burial site is very, very special.” – Paul Cassavechia

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