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Watch Historian Kevin Hymel’s D-Day Webinar!

Omaha Beach Vierville DrawWe would like to thank everyone who signed up for historian Kevin Hymel’s D-Day webinar, “Cracking the Vierville Draw at Omaha Beach.” We had a lot of positive feedback and we’re glad you enjoyed it.

Many of you asked if we were going to post the webinar. We are excited to let you know that you can now view it on the Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours YouTube channel. 


For those of you who were unable to join us before, in Kevin’s webinar you will learn about the powerful German defense as well as the Americans’ plans to defeat them. When the Americans’ plans go awry, the men on the beach had to improvise their attack and take the Vierville Draw by encirclement instead of head-on.

Monthly Webinars Begin in September

In other good news, we will begin offering monthly webinars in September. As always, we will be featuring our historians, who we will not hesitate to say, are the most knowledgable and professional. They are what sets us apart from other historical and WWII tour companies and why people love traveling with us.  

We will be finalizing our schedule and fine tuning our topics to delve into the characters, backstories and often the intrigues that drove events, but here is a tentative list of some of the webinars:

  • Ron Drez on D-Day
  • Kevin Hymel on General George S. Patton
  • Rick Beyer on The Ghost Army
  • Chris Anderson on Band of Brothers
  • Hal Stearns on Lewis and Clark
  • Mark Bielski on the Civil War
  • Marty Morgan on Iwo Jima: The War in the Pacific

If you would like to be kept apprised of our upcoming historical and WWII webinars, please complete the newsletter signup form on the right hand side of this page.

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