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D-Day, Normandy and beyond Website Tells the Stories of the Men and Women Who Fought in WWII

Normandy D-Day Memorial

The D-Day, Normandy and beyond website tells the stories of the brave men and women who went through the life changing event of World War II. Frank C. Everards, who created the website in 2000, wanted people to be able to read about the high price that was paid for their freedom by giving a platform to the men and women who wanted to share the things they saw and endured during WWII.

One weekend in 2000, Frank and his wife  went to visit his parents who were on a two week holiday in Normandy. They visited the beaches and the museum. Something grabbed Frank and it never let go.

As Franks says, “Thousands of books have been written about Normandy and WWII but at the time not a whole lot was written about what it was like for an 18 year old boy to step out into hell. I was intrigued with that thought. So, I collected about a 1000 email addresses I found on the web and I wrote them all a message with a simple question, ‘Hello. I am Frank from Holland. I would be honored if you were to share your memories of WWII with me for a website I am planing to build.’ I got 900 emails back due to the fact that the addresses did not exist anymore. And then I got an email from Ray Aebischer, the first veteran to contribute to my website. He was in F Company the 101st Airborne Division. His was the first story on D-Day, Normandy and beyond. The rest is history I guess.”

Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours encourages you to visit D-Day, Normandy and beyond to read the personal stories told by the men and women who fought for our freedom. Frank’s work and dedication make this an extraordinary WWII resource.

As Frank says, “A war like WWII will never occur on such a scale again, but the people who fought and are still alive deserve our help and respect as they gave all to help Europe and other parts of the world to regain it’s freedom.”

By the way, we are excited to announce that Frank is designing a new website for D-Day, Normandy and beyond. We will let you know when it launches.

We also wanted to share a few lines Frank wrote back in 2001 as a moving tribute to every veteran of WWII.

71 years ago today….

71 years ago today, upon the high waters’ wings they came,

71 years ago today, searching for the unknown the paths to pave,

71 years ago today, shrouds of mist scorched by heaven’s flame,

71 years ago today, invisible hands split open the beckoning waves.

71 years ago today, from within themselves they rose, facing their fears,

71 years ago today, soaked screams stilled by silent prayers of despair,

71 years ago today, vague silhouettes of men, surrendering silver tears,
71 years ago today, washed away the horrors carried on that morning air.

71 years ago today, thousand brave hearts seamlessly melted into one,

71 years ago today, condemned childhood hid deep within the crimson sand,

71 years ago today, tousled signs of hope lay heavy like ancient stone,

71 years ago today, sculptured from deep inside by freedom’s hand.

71 years ago today, sighs of desperation became victory’s battle cry,

71 years ago today, sentiments of determination grew with each life that fell,

71 years ago today, weary eyes relating tales that lips learned to deny,

71 years ago today, tender tears sealed the remembrance of images they tell.

71 years ago today, memories loom up in their heartrending gaze.

71 years ago today, remembering those left behind sets the heart ablaze.
71 years ago today, forever seduced, falling into the beach’s embrace,

71 years ago today, upon their memory, a rose I shall humbly place.

Thank you for all your sacrifices……

Words by Frank C. Everards – Copyright 2001 – 2015

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