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George Luz, Jr. on Easy Company After the Fighting Stopped

Members of Easy Company at a reunion

Left to right Johnny Martin, Bill Maynard, Herb Suerth, Forrest Guth and Shifty Powers, making the reunion toast with Calvados.

George Luz, Jr., the son of Easy Company member George Luz, Sr., was recently a guest on Ben Power’s podcast, The Commander’s Voice. In the episode, “Brothers For Life: A Band of Brothers discussion with George Luz Jr.,” George shares a trove of letters Dick Winters and the men of Easy Company sent to one another and their families after the fighting stopped. 

George started attending Band of Brothers reunions in 1965, when the remaining members of Easy Company and their families would get together. During his discussion with Ben Powers he also shares some wonderful stories and photos from these yearly events. 

Spoiler: For those of you who have traveled with George on our Band of Brothers® Tour, you’ll get to see a classic photo of a long-haired, 20-something George!

It’s a sweet, and often humorous, remembrance of the men of Easy Company, who remained a Band of Brothers throughout their lives.



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