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Ghost Army Gold Medal: Rallying the SAHT Troops for the Troops!

Ghost Army battalion tank
National Archives

We are excited to announce historian Rick Beyer’s upcoming webinar about how you can personally help the unsung heroes of the Ghost Army of WWII be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.

Date: Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 6:30CT/7:30ET

Topic: Ghost Army Gold Medal: Rallying the SAHT Troops for the Troops!

The WWII deception troops known as The Ghost Army used inflatable tanks, sound effects, and illusion on the battlefields of Europe to save lives and help win the war. Legislation is now pending in the U.S. Congress to award them a Gold Medal.

As the historian for the Ghost Army of WWII Secret War Tour and president of the Ghost Army Legacy Project, Rick has worked tirelessly to convince Congress to award the Congressional Gold Medal to the Ghost Army. Fewer than 20 of the soldiers who served in the Ghost Army are left. Now we need you help to honor these unsung heroes by mobilizing. Every voice, including yours, must be heard. But how to go about it?

In this webinar, he will give you the tools to effectively lobby your member of Congress and Senators on this issue, and answers questions about that process. Topics include:   

  • Making an effective approach
  • Finding the right person in the office to talk to
  • Support materials available to you
  • Social Media
  • Respond to a polite response that promises nothing

Let’s make this happen!

Register for the Ghost Army Gold Medal webinar>>

About Historian Rick Beyer

Rick Beyer is an award winning documentary filmmaker, The New York Times best-selling author, and president of the Ghost Army Legacy Project. Rick has been researching the Ghost Army for nearly 15 years, and has led our Ghost Army Tour since 2014. He produced and directed the award-winning PBS documentary The Ghost Army, and co-wrote (with Liz Sayles) The Ghost Army of World War II. The book is now being developed as a Hollywood movie by Ben Affleck and the producers of American Sniper.

Travel with Rick Beyer on the Ghost Army Tour!

This is a special edition of our popular D-Day to the Rhine Tour. As you follow the path of the American boys who liberated Europe, you will also discover the top-secret story of the deception troops known as “the Ghost Army” who made their own important contribution to ultimate victory.

Learn more>>

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