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Historian Rick Beyer: Keeping the Ghost Army Alive

Rick BeyerHistorian Rick Beyer has been busy keeping the fascinating story of The Ghost Army alive, appearing on two podcasts to discuss this secret World War II unit. Rick, who leads our Ghost Army of WWII: Secret War Tour, co-authored The Ghost Army of WWII and produced and directed the award-winning PBS documentary The Ghost Army. Eighteen years into this project, and Rick is still going strong!

History’s Secret Heroes

Rick joined host and actress Helena Bonham Carter on the BBC Podcast, History’s Secret Heroes, which shines a light on extraordinary stories from World War Two. In “Ghost Army,” episode 3, Rick and Helena talked about this secret army unit with one job: to put on a show for an audience who wants to kill them. As Rick said about his experience, “I love hearing her say my name!”

Listen to Ghost Army on History’s Secret Heroes >

Our American Stories

Rick also joined Lee Habeeb, host of the podcast, Our American Stories, which tells stories that aren’t being told; positive stories about generosity and courage, resilience and redemption, faith and love.

In “How A Hollywood-Style Production Team (Known as the “Ghost Army”) Duped and Helped Defeat Hitler’s Army,” Rick and Lee discussed how in 1943, the U.S. Army came up with a daring plan to trick Hitler’s army. They created a unit of artists, sound engineers, and prop builders who fooled the German army into seeing the US army in places it wasn’t.

Listen to How a Hollywood-Style Production Team Helped Defeat Hitler’s Army >

Travel with Rick Beyer on the Ghost Army Tour

The Ghost Army Tour is just around the corner—August 27 – September 10, 2023. There are a few spots left, so if you still haven’t taken that summer vacation, join us!

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