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Keeping History Alive: Kevin Hymel on General Patton

Historian Kevin Hymel at Patton Estate
Historian Kevin Hymel at the Patton Estate with docent Paul Cancelliere.

Historian Kevin Hymel has been busy keeping history alive. He recently gave a talk about his new book, Patton’s War: An American General’s Combat Leadership, Volume I, November 1942 -July 1944, at the American Heritage Museum in Hudson, Massachusetts. Afterwards, he was treated to a personal tour of General George S. Patton’s estate in Hamilton, Massachusetts, by Paul Cancelliere, a docent at the house.

Patton’s War, the first of two volumes, follows the general from the beaches of Morocco to the fields of France, right before the birth of Third Army on the continent. It is a must-read for anyone interested in America’s iconic WWII general.

As part of a series of shows about the Battle of the Bulge, Kevin also spoke about General Patton to Paul Woodadge on WW2TV. As revealed by Kevin in the episode, “General Patton in the Ardennes,” Patton was actually surprised by the Battle of the Bulge and did not predict the German attack. Kevin walk viewers through Patton’s meeting with General Eisenhower, General Bradley and their staffs and his dramatic promise to have his army ready to relieve Bastogne in only 48 hours.

Watch General Patton in the Ardennes

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Our 2022 In Patton’s Footsteps Tour provides a special opportunity to travel with Patton expert Kevin Hymel. You will visit the sites and battlefields significant to Patton’s Third Army, including Normandy, Brittany, Mont-St-Michel, the battlegrounds of Falaise Pocket, the German border, and the Battle of the Bulge. Along the way, Kevin will share his insights and knowledge on how this maverick general helped win the war in Europe.

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