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Rare D-Day Maps Discovered

As reported in The Telegraph article “Newly discovered D-Day maps reveal German defences on eve of assault,” a cache of rare maps the Allies used for the D-D-Day invasion have been discovered. An an unknown dealer bought them from a descendant of a senior military officer who was involved in Operation Overlord.

The maps, which are dated May 19, are considered the most up-to-date maps found to date. As noted in the article,

“The most up-to-date maps for the D-Day invasion have come to light 72 years later to show the incredible detail the Allies went to to ensure victory.

The 24 original maps were drawn up just two weeks before the momentous operation and gave the military commanders the most contemporary reports of the state of the five Normandy beaches.

The charts, marked ‘Top Secret’, were so detailed they contained almost the exact number and positions of mines, pill boxes and other defence works the Germans had laid as part of Hitler’s Atlantic Wall.

The discovery of these rare D-Day maps is truly extraordinary.

Read the entire article here.

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