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Rick Beyer Talks About the Ghost Army on KOLO 8 News

Rick Beyer interview KOLO 8 NewsHistorian Rick Beyer recently appeared on a segment on station KOLO 8 News, “A Talk with Ghost Army Author Rick Beyer.” Rick was in town for a speaking event at the Nevada Museum of Art, which is currently featuring the exhibit, “Ghost Army: The Combat Con Artists of WWII.” Rick, who leads our Ghost Army of WWII: Secret War Tour, co-authored The Ghost Army of WWII and produced and directed the award-winning PBS documentary The Ghost Army. 

As Lynn Kennedy commented on Facebook after watching Rick’s interview:

“Rick, It is so wonderful and refreshing to the soul to see folks amazed reaction learning of the Ghost Army and what they did for the first time. And I love your phrase describing in a nutshell who they were and what they did as “at the corner of “Art and War.” These exhibits, it seems, keep enthusiasm alive for folks to learn and ENJOY the learning. And also poignant as you speak of many whom you got to know and interview, and (fellow author as well), no longer with us and how important it is for those of us left to “keep the fires burning” putting the word out there about these brave and incredibly interesting men and honor them and all Veterans for that matter, and their service. Great interview.”

Watch Rick’s Interview on the Ghost Army >

Ghost Army Exhibit

“Ghost Army: The Combat Con Artists of World War II” will be on exhibit March 4, 2023 – July 23, 2023 at the Nevada Museum of Art. The exhibit relates the unique story of the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, aka the “Ghost Army,” a unit of more than 1,100 men who deceived, sketched, and painted across Europe to manipulate Hitler’s armies during World War II.

The Ghost Army consisted of a carefully selected group of artists, engineers, professional soldiers, and draftees, including famed artists such as fashion designer Bill Blass, painter Ellsworth Kelly (there is also an exhibit of his art post-war at the museum), and photographer Art Kane. The unit waged war with inflatable tanks and vehicles, fake radio traffic, sound effects, and even phony generals, using imagination and illusion to trick the enemy while saving thousands of lives along the way.

Produced by the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, this exhibition brings together archival photography, historical artifacts, uniforms, sketches, and life-sized recreations of inflatable military equipment used during combat.

Learn more about the Ghost Army Exhibit >

Travel with Rick Beyer on the Ghost Army Tour

Rick has interviewed more than 20 Ghost Army veterans. He shares their stories at the places where they staged their grand deceptions, adding a personal dimension to this fascinating tour. You will begin in England where the top secret unit trained and travel on to Normandy, Brittany, Belgium and Luxembourg to study the key deception operations that were a pivotal part of the Allied victory.

Learn more about the Ghost Army Tour >

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