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Ghost Army Thanksgiving 1944

Photo: Ghost Army Thanksgiving – Luxembourg 1944

We are excited to announce that our historian Rick Beyer, who leads our Ghost Army Tour, has launched The Ghost Army Legacy Project.

The soldiers of The Ghost Army used inflatable tanks, sound effects, and imagination to fool the Germans on the battlefields of Europe. The unsung heroes of the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops and the 3133rd Signal Company Special saved thousands of lives and helped win the war, but their efforts were kept secret for fifty years and have yet to be officially recognized.

The mission of The Ghost Army Legacy Project is to preserve and honor the legacy of these men.


  • To build and curate a comprehensive Ghost Army archive
  • To conduct and support new research into the unit
  • To raise public awareness about the unit’s unique accomplishments
  • To lobby Congress to grant the unit a Congressional Gold Medal​
  • To develop Ghost Army exhibits and other educational materials

Contribute ​to the Ghost Army Legacy Project

The Ghost Army Legacy Project needs support to help preserve the legacy of this unit. Please take a moment to help ensure that the men and mission of the Ghost Army are long remembered. Every gift helps. Please help by making a tax-deductible donation!


Tintype Photos of Ghost Army Veterans

The Ghost Army is truly one of the more fascinating stories of WWII. Rick has a wealth of information about this top secret unit on the Ghost Army Legacy Project website, including tintype photos of some of the soldiers, then and now. These hand-made portraits were taken as a way of honoring and remembering the contribution made by all Ghost Army veterans, living and dead. Less than 30 of the 1,100 men who served in the unit are still living today.

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The Ghost Army Legacy Project is a nonprofit corporation registered in Massachusetts. You will receive an acknowledgement of your donation. They have filed Form 1023 with the IRS, and expect to be granted tax-exempt status, making all donations tax-deductible.

Travel with Rick on the Ghost Army Tour

This is a special edition of our popular D-Day to the Rhine Tour. As you follow the path of the American boys who liberated Europe, you will also discover the top-secret story of the deception troops known as “the Ghost Army” who made their own important contribution to ultimate victory.

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