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New Episodes of History with Mark Bielski: Antietam!

Our Civil War historian Mark Bielski dives into the American Civil War on the most recent episodes of History with Mark Bielski, covering Antietam and developments leading up to the Civil War and the importance of the city of New Orleans to the Confederacy.

Listen to Ghost Army Part II on History with Mark Bielski

On the August 30, 2017 episode of History with Mark Bielski, The Ghost Army Part II, author and filmmaker Rick Beyer returns to discuss in further detail the extraordinary deception soldiers better known as the Ghost Army.

New! Travel on Our Two Civil War Tours Back-to-Back

Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours offers two American Civil War Tours each fall, Civil War: This Hallowed Ground and Civil War: Mississippi River Campaign. In 2017, for the first time, we will offer these two tours back-to-back on our Double Feature Civil War Tour: Eastern and Western Theatres.