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Historian Kevin Hymel discusses Operation COBRA on Veterans Radio

Historian Kevin Hymel recently joined host Bob Gould on Veterans Radio for a lively discussion of Operation COBRA, the breakthrough of the Normandy beachhead. Months after D-Day, the Americans used strategic bombers to punch a hole in the German line west of St. Lo. Allied commanders such as Generals George S. Patton, Jr. and Omar …

Register for Historian Kevin Hymel’s WWII Webinar

We are excited to announce historian Kevin Hymel’s upcoming webinar. “Defending Bastogne, the Battle of Noville: Against All Odds.” Kevin will discuss the details of the Battle of Noville and show how this brave, small force stymied an armored enemy force three times their size, in the freezing village of Noville.

Dick Winters and Our Band of Brothers® Tour

We are excited to share Kevin Hymel’s article, Richard “Dick” Winters, about the Commander of Easy Company, the inspiration for our Band of Brothers Tour.