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The D-Day Project

Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours’ renowned D-Day to the Rhine Tour dates back to the 1970s, from the days when Stephen E. Ambrose was a history professor at the University of New Orleans. Learn how this tour developed and the WWII luminaries who informed its evolution.

The Italian Campaign: Prelude to Normandy

In historian Mark Bielski’s article, “The Italian Campaign: Dodging Nazis, Bullets and Exploding Shells,” he addresses the misperception that the men fighting in Italy were considered “D-Day Dodgers.” In fact, the action in Italy during WWII was of supreme importance to the Allied operations in Northern Europe.

D-Day Hero Thomas Meehan’s Letters

Watch Stephen Ambrose read the letters that Thomas Meehan’s III, an officer with Easy Company, wrote to his wife before he died on D-Day. You can also read the letters that he wrote to his wife and learn more about this D-Day hero.

The Italian Campaign: Dodging Nazis, Bullets and Exploding Shells

The action in Italy during WWII was very real and of supreme importance to both the Allied operations in Northern Europe and to the men who had slogged their way up the boot and still had more fighting to do. Despite their heroism and accomplishments, some misperceptions arose. 

Historian Jack Mountcastle Speaks at the National D-Day Memorial

Historian John (Jack) W. Mountcastle, BG, USA (Retired) was the keynote speaker at the annual gathering on Memorial Day at the National D-Day Memorial located in the small town of Bedford, Virginia. Read the article about this special occasion that was published in The News & Advance.

Rick Beyer Ghost Army Congressional Gold Medal Op-ed Published in Chicago Sun-Times

Our historian for the Ghost Army Tour, Rick Beyer, had an op-ed published in the Chicago Sun-Times about legislation that has been introduced in Congress to award the men of the Ghost Army a Congressional Gold Medal. The soldiers of The Ghost Army used inflatable tanks, sound effects, and imagination to fool the Germans on …

Historian Kevin Hymel discusses Operation COBRA on Veterans Radio

Historian Kevin Hymel recently joined host Bob Gould on Veterans Radio for a lively discussion of Operation COBRA, the breakthrough of the Normandy beachhead. Months after D-Day, the Americans used strategic bombers to punch a hole in the German line west of St. Lo. Allied commanders such as Generals George S. Patton, Jr. and Omar …

Hear Mark Bielski Speak About D-Day at SELU

Live in Louisiana? Historian Mark Bielski will be speaking on “The D-Day Invasion June 1944” at Southeast Louisiana University on Thursday, February 22 at 1pm at the Student Union Theater, part of “The Louisiana and World War II Lecture Series 2017-2018.” D-Day began the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany. Where and when to …

Leadership in American History Symposium: WWII Lectures

We are excited to present for the first time our Leadership in American History Symposium. To give you an idea of what you can expect from our historians, following are the abstracts for the lectures on WWI and WWII.

Outlandish D-Day Invasion Tales: Paratrooper Raff

The article “Outlandish D-Day Invasion Tales: Paratrooper Raff: Tank Commander?” by our historian Kevin M. Hymel, recounts the story of Colonel Edson Raff “America’s most experienced paratrooper,” who commanded a tank regiment on the day of the Normandy Invasion.