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Hear Mark Bielski Speak About D-Day at SELU

Live in Louisiana? Historian Mark Bielski will be speaking on “The D-Day Invasion June 1944” at Southeast Louisiana University on Thursday, February 22 at 1pm at the Student Union Theater, part of “The Louisiana and World War II Lecture Series 2017-2018.” D-Day began the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany. Where and when to …

Preparations for Operation Overlord – Part III

In Part III of our series on the preparations for Operation Overlord we cover the steps General Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower took to ensure secrecy during the planning of D-Day invasion.

Operation Fortitude

Eisenhower and his staff were to resolve four major issues for the D-Day invasion: where, when and how to launch and the need for a deception plan to ensure that the Germans would be surprised. This necessity hatched the plan for “Operation Fortitude.” It was a grand plan to fool Hitler into thinking the invasion would come somewhere other than Normandy.