Easter During World War II

On Easter during WWII, African American soldiers painted Easter eggs for Hitler on bombs, soldiers attended a makeshift mass on the Italian front and the Battle of Okinawa began.

History Happenings March

There have been many historical occurrences in March on either side of the Ides over the centuries. Perhaps the mid-month assassination of Julius Caesar is the most famous event, but here are a few others of note that happened during the 20th century around the world, 18th century Ireland, the American Civil War, and WWII. …

Driant: Fighting on the Face of the Moon

First published on Warfare History Network, the article “Driant: Fighting on the Face of the Moon” by our historian Kevin M. Hymel, recounts the grueling battle for Fort Driant, which proved a formidable task that stymied the U.S. Third Army at Metz during WWII.

Hear Mark Bielski Speak About D-Day at SELU

Live in Louisiana? Historian Mark Bielski will be speaking on “The D-Day Invasion June 1944” at Southeast Louisiana University on Thursday, February 22 at 1pm at the Student Union Theater, part of “The Louisiana and World War II Lecture Series 2017-2018.” D-Day began the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany. Where and when to …

History Happenings February: Civil War, WWII

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February has an historical highlight list that rivals any other time of the year. It seems that this time of transition from mid-winter into the hopeful days that lead to spring signals to the fates that it is time to move and make something happen.

Register for Historian Kevin Hymel’s WWII Webinar

We are excited to announce historian Kevin Hymel’s upcoming webinar. “Defending Bastogne, the Battle of Noville: Against All Odds.” Kevin will discuss the details of the Battle of Noville and show how this brave, small force stymied an armored enemy force three times their size, in the freezing village of Noville.

Ten Little Known Facts About the Ghost Army

Historian Rick Beyer, who produced and directed the award-winning PBS documentary The Ghost Army, and co-wrote (with Liz Sayles) The Ghost Army of World War II shares “Ten Little Known Facts about the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops (AKA the Ghost Army).”

Register for Historian Rick Beyer’s Ghost Army Webinar

We are excited to announce historian Rick Beyer’s upcoming webinar on the Ghost Army, the top secret 23rd Headquarters Special Troops of WWII. Learn more about “The Ghost Army: Holding Patton’s Line with Inflatable Tanks.”

Leadership in American History Symposium: WWII Lectures

We are excited to present for the first time our Leadership in American History Symposium. To give you an idea of what you can expect from our historians, following are the abstracts for the lectures on WWI and WWII.

Support The Ghost Army Legacy Project!

We are excited to announce that our historian Rick Beyer, who leads our Ghost Army Tour, has launched The Ghost Army Legacy Project. The mission of The Ghost Army Legacy Project is to preserve and honor the legacy of the unsung heroes of the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops and the 3133rd Signal Company Special saved thousands of lives and helped win the war.