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Travel This April! Civil War and WWII Tours Await!

No need to wait for your adventure in history and travel to begin. We have 2 bucket list tours to choose from in April: Civil War: Mississippi River Campaign and the Historians Masterclass 2023: Normandy Breakout.

Start your adventure today!


April 15 – 23, 2023

Vicksburg cannonDiscover the complexities of the Civil War and the South on this outstanding tour! The Mississippi River was the major interstate highway of the nineteenth century America. It was also the strategic focal point of the Civil War. Whoever held the great river would control the continent. Without it, neither side could supply itself, so both the Confederates and the Federals made it a key aspect of overall strategy. 

You will visit the sites and battlefields fought along the Mississippi River, including Memphis, Shiloh, Vicksburg, Port Hudson and New Orleans, in a trip designed to reconstruct the struggle for the river and the key transport routes of the Confederacy.

As guests Jack and Nancy said about this tour:

“This is to thank you and your team for a great holiday discovering the complexities of the Civil War and of the South. A great deal of effort must have gone into planning the tour, with splendid hotels and restaurants and, of course, very erudite guides to take us through every interesting step of the battle zones.”

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April 22 – May 3, 2023

Normandy Master Class group on beachTravel with Rick Beyer, Chris Anderson, Matt Broggie and Erik Flint on the Historians Masterclass 2023!

You will follow in the bootsteps of the American, British and Canadian armies where they fought for Caen and Cherbourg; stand with the GIs of the 30th Infantry Division where they stopped the last great German offensive in Normandy in its tracks; and see where Free Polish forces closed the German’s last avenue of escape at Falaise. We will then travel to Paris, following the path of the Allies as they raced to liberate the city.

Expect a boots-on-the-ground experience as our historians share knowledge and collaborate with each other about the Normandy Breakout.

As Susan Notebaert Havey said about last year’s Masterclass: 

“What really stood out to me was the friendships our historians have with the local residents. Through their connections and professionalism we were able to see places and interact with people that normally would not have been available on a standard tour.”

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