Wild West Tours

We invite you to time-travel back to the frontier days as we follow the path of America’s explorers and legendary figures on a Wild West Tour!

Apache Wars of the Southwest

Geronimo and warriorsOur exclusive new tour is an unforgettable journey through the scenic Southwest that follows in the footsteps of a remarkable cast of historical characters. Author, historian, and television-motion picture consultant John P. Langellier, Ph.D. will tell tales of Cochise, Geronimo, and others based on a half-century of dedicated study of these legendary figures. As you travel from Tucson, Arizona to Sante Fe, New Mexico, haunting deserts and majestic mountains will serve as the dramatic backdrop for stories of conflict and ultimate reconciliation after generations of warriors gave way to peacemakers. You will time-travel to former military garrisons such as El Presidio San Agustín del Tucson, Cochise’s nearly impenetrable stronghold, and the vast White Sands that once formed part of the homeland of the people now popularly referred to as the Apache.

“The spots we visited, like Cochise’s stronghold, the many forts, and the fantastic museums were amazing. And what more can I say about Dr. John Langellier. He is the most knowledgeable man on the subject of the Southwest.” – Jim Price

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Crazy Horse & Custer: War on the Great Plains

Crazy HorseOn our exclusive tour through Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana, return to those exciting days of yesteryear with author, historian, television and motion picture consultant John P. Langellier, Ph.D., who will share the stories of Crazy Horse and Custer based on a half century of passionate study of these legendary figures. Relive their times and walk the vast lands where buffalo and wild mustangs roamed, the iron horse roared across the tracks, and lonely frontier forts stood as bastions of westward expansion. Outposts such as Fort Laramie, battlefields including the ill-fated Fetterman Fight and “Last Stand” at Little Big Horn, along with a world class museum visit at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, will be among the highlights of this not-to-be-forgotten adventure.

“There are not enough good adjectives to describe this tour. I considered myself fairly knowledgeable about American Western history but, this tour proved me wrong. I learned a lot about the American Indian Wars on the great plains on this tour. John Langellier was super knowledgeable and communicated his knowledge with vigor and enthusiasm.” – John Rice

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Lewis & Clark: Undaunted Courage

Lewis and Clark and FlatheadsRelive the dramatic story of Lewis and Clark as you follow in the footsteps of the explorers, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, and their invaluable guide, Sacajawea. As part of our founder Stephen Ambrose’s research for his best-selling book, Undaunted Courage, the Ambrose family spent vacations traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail on foot, canoe and horseback. There is not a more authentic Lewis and Clark tour than ours. Our historian reads passages from the journals of Lewis and Clark at the very places where camped, including Fort Clatsop, the Expedition’s winter camp on the Pacific Ocean. As you travel from Great Falls, Montana through Idaho, Washington and Oregon, ending on the Pacific Coast, you will experience jaw-dropping vistas at every bend of the trail. We also offer a 3-day canoeing and camping pre-tour at the Missouri Breaks.

“Marvelous. Terrific combination of history and nature and cultural background. Our historian was full of information and every day had a mix of hiking, viewing artwork, enjoying great food, on and on.” – Laura and Michael D.

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