Lives remembered are never lost.

Book a tour you will never forget.

Founded by the late Stephen E. Ambrose, our company was developed from his research and work. He combined his input, passion and knowledge to create historical, WWII and D-Day tours that celebrate the American spirit.

Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours continues to preserve his legacy with our historical and WWII tours and expand the carefully conceived and executed heritage itineraries inspired by his life’s work. Travel to Europe on our D-Day Tour, Band of Brothers® Tour or WWI Tour or explore America on our Lewis and Clark Tour, Crazy Horse & Custer Tour, Revolutionary War Tour and Civil War Tours. 

We can transport you from armchair traveler to the very sites where history was made.

Our historians are experts in their field and world-renowned authors. Their years of extensive research and interviews with hundreds of WWII and D-Day veterans on the battlefields on which they fought add a personal dimension to our tours that no other WWII or D-Day tour company can offer. It is a highlight to hear them tell these stories of America’s heroes at the very places where they occurred. These harrowing tales of bravery and courage capture a moment in time.

We invite you to travel with us through the battlefields of Europe and the Pacific and the Civil War, and follow the trails of explorers in the American West. Here our historians will share these remarkable narratives that have changed the course of history. It is their passion and enthusiasm that leaves our fellow travelers with memories of a lifetime.