The Battle of Raymond: May 12, 1863

Raymond Battlefield

The significance of the Battle of Raymond greatly outweighs its fame. As part of the Vicksburg Campaign in 1863, the Union victory near this small town, west of Jackson, Mississippi, prompted General Ulysses S. Grant to modify his plans for the capture of Vicksburg and gain control of the Mississippi River. Read More


Start of WWII 80th Anniversary

Warsaw uprising monument in Poland

The first shots of WWII rang out in Gdansk, Poland on September 1st of 1939, the beginning of the greatest war of devastation, death and destruction ever on this planet. Hitler and Nazi Germany had already annexed Austria and marched into Czechoslovakia unopposed. Now they had set their sights on Poland to begin the German dream … Read More


Civil War: War on the Rivers, Rails and Mountains

Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park

Union General William T. Sherman enacted a grand plan in the summer of 1864. He was to begin a campaign that consisted of a series of battles in northern Georgia. His ultimate goal was to destroy the Army of Tennessee and take the Confederate city of Atlanta. This would also sever supply lines that were vital to the Confederate war effort. While Sherman was not successful in destroying the Confederate army he faced, he did capture Atlanta that September. Other than the military achievement, it had a dual effect. Read More


Love Blossoms on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day Tour

We are thrilled to share the happy news that two of our guests got engaged while traveling on our 75th Anniversary of D-Day to the Rhine Tour! Shawn Morris used the occasion to ask Amanda Fonferek to marry him on their 9th anniversary of dating. We reached out to Shawn and Amanda to see if they would be willing to share the details with us and they graciously agreed to do so. Today, we share their sweet story with you. Read More


Ghost Army Gold Medal: Rallying the SAHT Troops for the Troops!

Ghost Army battalion tank

We are excited to announce historian Rick Beyer's upcoming webinar about how you can personally help the unsung heroes of the Ghost Army of WWII be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. Fewer than 20 of the soldiers who served in the Ghost Army are left. Now we need you help to honor these unsung heroes by mobilizing. Every voice, including yours, must be heard. But how to go about it? Read More


Historian Kevin Hymel Narrates Video on Carentan for WW2TV

Carentan film WW2TV

We're excited to announce that our Historian Kevin Hymel has narrated a video, “101st Airborne - Attack on Carentan,” for WW2TV, a new YouTube Channel which launched on August 1, 2019. This film is based on one of Kevin’s articles that was published on Warfare History Network and explains the taking of Carentan on June 12th 1944 by the 101st Airborne Division, focusing on the role of E/506th PIR. Read More


WWII Veteran Norwood Thomas Recounts His Wartime Romance to The Times

Norwood Thomas article on wartime romance

We recently received a note from Steve Thomas, the son of WWII veteran, Norwood Thomas, about a lovely article that was published about his dad in The Times of London. Norwood was a paratrooper with the 101st Airborne Division. He landed near La Fiere Bridge on D-Day and fought across Europe with the 101st in … Read More


Civilians Recall Allied Pre-Invasion Bombings in Normandy

French women greeting Band of Brothers soldiers

Warfare History Network has published historian Kevin Hymel’s article, “Vierville Civilians Recall Allied Pre-Invasion Bombings.” Around 3 AM on June 6, Vierville-sur-Mer locals awoke to the sound of U.S. Liberator bombers preparing the beach for the largest invasion in history. Kevin’s article is an account of the Normandy invasion from the perspective of the people … Read More


Historian Kevin Hymel’s WWII Articles Published

Easy Company member Brad Freeman

Historian Kevin Hymel has had two of his WWII articles published in WWII Quarterly and WWII History magazines. His article in the summer issue of WWII Quarterly is an interview with a flight nurse who flew the wounded from the continent of Europe back to England. Her first mission was a few days after D-Day … Read More

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